Caring for my JP bag

Leather Love

100% Genuine bovine leather is used to produce your Jan Pierewiet bag and this means, as with all genuine leather products, a little extra care needs to be taken to ensure that your bag looks good for many more years to come


1 | Ensure protection:

Although, before your Jan Pierewiet is lovingly packed and shipped, a layer of natural leather protector & food is applied, we still recommend that you do the extra bit of effort and apply a leather protector from time to time.
Remember to first test your product on the bottom of your bag to ensure that it won’t stain the leather once applied in full.

2 | Apply some leather conditioner:

When your Jan Pierewiet starts looking a little dry and like it needs a bit of TLC remember that to keep it looking new and shiny you’ll need to condition it.
Grab a soft cloth and some leather conditioner and gently rub it all over your bag. You’ll be sure to see the difference a little love makes!

Can I wash my bag?

Please keep your bag away from water and soap. In the case that it accidentally might get wet, take a soft cloth and gently wipe the water off and let it air dry – DO NOT use a heater or any other warm sources to dry your bag. Remember to condition the leather after your bag has dried.
Your Jan Pierewiet bag has a water-resistant lining and might you have a spill, you can take a damp cloth to wipe the spill away.