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Behind the scenes; we have lots to say about REAL life,
the joys and brokenness,
the art is to dot them down in some or other logical way.
Behind the Scenes of Jan Pierewiet
We are ordinary moms, trying to cultivate something that will make an impact for eternity.

That being the tiny seeds that we sow into the garden of our children’s hearts. Showing by way of example. Trying to keep all the balls afloat is just an insane proposition because we are bound for failure. Why? Because you are human, and you need a Rescuer just as much as your precious children do. So why keep on trying?

Reminiscing 2020, it came and went in the blink of an eye, a year every millennial wish to erase from their memory asap. But the reality is, life will never return to the way it was. The jobs, comforts, everyday pleasures and lives lost won’t magically reappear.

On the BRIGHT SIDE! One of the amazing features of human existence is our adaptability to new circumstances. Think of moments in history, most of them come and go without anyone saying or doing much about it, people just adjust. Occasionally some try to keep the memories alive with a memorial site or a monument. Will COVID receive his too?

To the rest it vanishes in the blink of an eye. Why did Moses have to remind the Israelites over and over and over again that the Lord led them out of Egypt? Because they are a forgetful lot, more concerned with their everyday comforts and or disposition than to ponder about the past, and redirect their future.

For us last year came with a few interesting changes, ALL of them meant for good, spoken by a gracious God, promises that are meant to last for all eternity for those who care to listen. Are they easy? No!

But let me start from the beginning – More about me! I received a Bachelors Degree of Design what feels like a tremendously long time ago, but I am only 35, so place that in perspective. Regardless I haven’t spent one day working an office, day job. The result; many long nights, early mornings, no consistent paychecks later, but a heart active and blissfully working towards something greater, not seen, but known.

My husband and I started in 2009, after he got retrenched from his high paying job as an architect for a leading company in Pretoria. A month before our first borne. Since then we relocated a couple of times and added to our pack. Lots of drama? Oh, YES!

Fast forward 10 years later, the year 2020, what dreams are made off, YES? I now co-own Jan Pierewiet with my sister-in-love, an endeavor we stumbled upon and started on Feb 1st of 2020 (who starts a new business pre-pandemic), while still actively pursuing my design career, or the clients that pursue me – and as off March 2020 Homeschooling my three children (more about this calling in a follow up post) and doing the domesticated duties of my entire household. Too many balls in the air, naturally!

But we weren’t called to lie down in limbo, we were commissioned to be co-laborers of Christ, actively seeking out His will and to worship Him with the talents and gifts that he had graciously given us.

Without my Saviour 2009 through 2020, the countless days at home, hours grafting, praying, disciplining, cleaning toilets, washing laundry, prepping meals and designing would have been for nothing, but with Him, it is life everlasting, a life worth living. To see His hand in the mundane, the frustrations and sometimes nail biting end-of-line moments, makes Him worth everything. To encounter Him in the eyes of my children, to seek Him out in the early mornings, to know Him in this life, gives it meaning and purpose. Regardless of the outcomes, the IG likes and the sales.

Our Saviour, Jesus Christ makes it worth trying!

So mommy, if you are reading this and feel like you’ve failed while you died trying, know this, we are called to run the race, with our reward at the end much greater and majestic than anything this life has to offer if we concern ourselves first and foremost with Jesus. Do you know Him? Have you encountered the peace that He gives?

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