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Jan Pierewiet Bags
Meet the Team behind Jan Pierewiet | Leather Diaper bags | Nita & Leanne

Jan Pierewiet was born to the creative enthusiast Danica, in 2016. It is a proudly South African owned online store, that ships nation wide. We specialize in handmade leather diaper bags and accessories for moms and babies. Our unique name is inspired by the Afrikaans folk song, Jan Pierewiet written by CJ Langenhoven. It was a childhood favourite! Jan Pierewiet is now owned by the energetic sister-in-love duo Nita and Leanne.


Nita | Is the wife of our “Minister of Finance” Brandon, mommy to a three year old energy ball and a baby girl. She is a family orientated individual who shares a special kind of love with everyone she meets. Nita is your next best friend, with a heart of gold and hands that serve. For instance she is the book keeper, hands down the organized one, with spreadsheets and super human social skills.

Leanne | Wife of architect husband Eugene, mom of three rock stars. Mom by day, designer by night. Her main objective is to create trend setting eco-conscious products that will inspire moms to explore with ease. She is an ideation aficionado, driven by her passion for design. Leanne believes that all designed products should be functional for today but also in the future, it should grow and adapt to the needs of the user.

Our products are inspired by babies created for moms. Above all the beating heart of our endeavor is to provide products that are of high quality, practical and comfortable.

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PS | If you would like to co-lab with us on a project, or if you have a specific idea in mind, we would love to hear from you! Pop us an email info@janpierewiet.co.za